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Well Kept Secrets showcases the long-standing collaboration of fiddler Rosie Shipley with singer/guitarist Lisa Moscatiello. The 10-track album is a beguiling recording of traditional and contemporary music from Ireland, Scotland, and North America.

In Well Kept Secrets, Lisa's rich, sensuous alto voice and Rosie's deep, pure fiddle tone blend in a highly skilled yet unpretentious performance. Subtle arrangements of songs and direct, forceful fiddle tunes intertwine to create a sound that is both sophisticated and primal, and, thus, appropriate to the seductive dual nature of folk music. In this collection, Rosie presents compelling interpretations of reels, slip jigs, and polkas, including a lively set of tunes from Cape Breton Island, and Lisa offers traditional and contemporary melody-intensive songs, including the haunting Scots ballad, Here's a Health to All True Lovers, Bob Dylan's elegiac Girl from the North Country, and David Francey's compelling anti-war song, Flowers of Saskatchewan.

In its Folk/Traditional category for 2004, the Washington (D.C.) Area Music Association honored Well Kept Secrets with two WAMMIE awards: "Best Duo/Group" and "Best Recording" and named Lisa "Best Vocalist." Well Kept Secrets was also included in George Graham's Best of 2004 Albums List, which he culled from more than 500 recordings featured during the year on the daily New Releases segments of WVIA-FMs "Mixed Bag."

Jay Votel of The Washington Times called the album "an achingly beautiful recording," and Mike Joyce of The Washington Post said that ". . . the ballads and dance tunes, like the singer and the fiddler, produce colorful contrast, but in the end all the music here seems of a piece, woven together by shared emotions, common interests, and mutual finesse."

For Warren Rich, of Sing Out!, Well Kept Secrets "struck like a bolt of lighting." He heaped praise on Lisa, noting "I would follow Moscatiello anywhere" and aptly described Rosie's fiddling as "another voice singing along, twining in and out of Moscatiello's flawless phrasing and adding commentary and depth, the magic that makes this CD a masterpiece."