Rosie ShipleyRosie Shipley

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Rosie Shipley has been playing the fiddle since she was three years old. She learned her first Irish tunes at the age of eight from master fiddler Brendan Mulvihill. As a teenager, Rosie attended the Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, where she became well versed in Cape Breton-style fiddling. Rosie has toured internationally with Irish singer/songwriter Gerry O'Beirne and has toured in America as a guest fiddler with the Celtic/Early Music group Ensemble Galilei and the Irish-American band Cherish the Ladies. In addition to her three albums on the Shipwhistle label, Rosie has recorded as a session musician on several albums, including EJ Jones' solo album The Willow and Zoe Mulford's Roadside Saints.

Peter ShipleyPeter Shipley

Peter Shipley began his musical and theatrical career at age five playing fiddle in "A Christmas Carol." He had started Suzuki violin a few years earlier and soon added lessons in traditional music with Brendan Mulvihill. Peter spent several years taking Irish step dance lessons and had button accordion lessons with Billy McComiskey. During his summers at the Gaelic College in Cape Breton, Peter worked with many fine fiddlers, including Sandy McIntyre, Stan Chapman, and Jerry Holland, and became accomplished in Cape Breton step dance. Peter has taught fiddle and offered step dance workshops.

Trevor ShipleyTrevor Shipley

At age 4, Trevor Shipley said he wanted to play "the horn," which his family quickly decided meant the tin whistle and wooden flute. Chris Norman taught Trevor for many years, starting with an E-flat whistle (that fits little fingers) and progressing to the more common D whistle and the wooden flute. At the Gaelic College, Trevor studied Scottish small pipes, piano accompaniment, and Cape Breton step dancing. Today, Trevor also plays acoustic and electric guitar (and bass and drums) and composes and arranges music for theatrical productions.