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A Travel Adventure: Getting to Nova Scotia is an adventure in itself. You can travel by land, by sea (protected deep water anchorage is available), by land and sea, or by air. Beach Meadows, Irish Week’s host community, is a two-hour drive southwest of the Halifax International Airport, where rental cars are available, and six miles northeast of Liverpool on the Atlantic Coast. There is an airport for light aircraft a few miles inland from Liverpool.

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Irish Week registrants who choose not to "drive around" may take one of three ferries:

  1. the "Prince of Fundy," an 11-hour overnight car ferry from Portland, Maine to Yarmouth, offering special rates to our registrants (1-800-341-7540): Irish Week participants and everyone travelling in their party will receive a 20% discount on the Prince of Fundy's already discounted "Summer Getaway" prices. Call or email Todd Humphrey at Prince of Fundy cruises toddh@princeoffundy to confirm exact figures. Please indicate that you are an Irish Week registrant. You may reserve spots on the Prince of Fundy ferry directly from their website.
  2. the "Cat," a high-speed 2-3 hour car ferry from Bar Harbor, Maine to Yarmouth (1-888-249-7245).
  3. the "Princess of Acadia" a three-hour car ferry from St. John, New Brunswick to Digby (1-888-249-7245).

Beach Meadows is a two-hour drive from each ferry terminal.

Nova Scotia Tourism’s free travel guide, available from Check-In Nova Scotia (1-800-565-0000 or, describes public lodgings. Check-In will make reservations for you at specified facilities throughout the province.

Irish Week registrants will receive a travel information package. In an effort to share the beauty of rural Nova Scotia, we have placed our venues within a six-mile radius of Beach Meadows. Registrants are responsible for their local transportation needs.

Other travel resources on the Web: MapQuest | Aviation | Travelocity |

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