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At Home features fiddler Rosie Shipley and pianist Matt Mulqueen with Rosie's brothers Peter (fiddle) and Trevor (uilleann pipes, flute, whistle) in the first traditional album to encompass the music of two islands: Ireland and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Perhaps more unusual is that At Home was recorded in two days without studio wizardy to emulate the vibrancy of the early fiddle recordings. "Nothing was added after we finished recording," says Rosie. "What you hear is Matt, my brothers, and me sitting around playing tunes like we do at home."

At Home is a burst of raw, untamed energy that is a welcome addition to a Celtic music market saturated with slick, mainstream productions. Rosie, Matt, Peter, and Trevor are truly at home and having fun with their music, and this shines through in every note.

What people are saying:

"Your CD is just outstanding. This goes on my 'favourites' rack." Mark Evans, flute and bouzouki player, singer (England and Washington, DC)

"[Yyour CD] will be getting some serious airplay in my car. . . I totally 'approve' of your interpretation of my humble compositional effort!" Patrick Davey, uilleann piper, composer of "Flying to the Fleadh" (Ireland)

"I love it. Your playing; both of you, is marvelous. I love your selection of tunes, and have started working on tunes I didn't know. The tin whistle version of "Sean Reid's" is beautiful. I also learned a new accompaniment for "The Woman of the House" from the CD. Rosie's playing is. . . just beautiful, with excellent intonation throughout. . . . your CD is one of my favorites and I play it all the time." Felix Dolan pianist (NYC)

"I have been playing [your CD] incessantly since its arrival a couple of days ago. . . because it makes me smile. It's happy music that I can tell you enjoy playing, and it gives me energy while making me feel centered at the same time." Maria Makela, art historian (San Francisco).

"CDs wonderful—gave one to my banjo-playing brother in Ireland—he was very impressed." Gerrard Farrelly, singer, guitarist, Irish speaker (Baltimore)

"CDs arrived today. Just really nice music. The kind everyone should listen to in their car to prevent road rage. [Several weeks later] "Rosie's CD just keeps getting better and better." John Hempel, biochemist (Pittsburgh)

"The CD is tops. . .I couldn't help but weep listening to your music." Mitchell Vaillant, singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, visual artist (NYC)